The Adult Cinema Review

Review: April 7, 2008, by Gabrio
The Adult Cinema

Here's a kicker site, The Adult, if you are looking for hot video clips then you will most likely enjoy the contents of this one, from what I can see on the main page, there is Asia Carrera and she has an interesting look, I mean it seems that she is waiting for something and well you can guess what it is heheh! Other than that I see Sylvia and Jenna there and a bunch of other hotties....let's see what's inside now!


Overall rating6.8

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The main page of the members area of loaded pretty quickly and at the top the first thing I notice is a small frame where you have: Main Menu, Xxx Videos, Photo Gallery, Exxxtras and Bonus Sites (which I will check when I am done with the main contents of the site anyway). The body of this index page looks pretty compact and the page is divided into columns: at the left of the page you have Top Videos, then at the center there are the main videos (Xxx Videos, also Picture Galleries, Exxxtras and Bonus Sites, basically the same links you have in the frame located at the very top of the page) whilst at the right you have Top Galleries and I can see that there is a nice outdoor sex gallery there.

I jumped straight away to the Videos page and on the next page which opens you have a few dvd covers in front of you and there is a small link which reads "download" which takes you to the very download page in fact, the good thing is that for every dvd you see which are the girls that are featuring and then if you scroll down the page a little bit you will see the scenes that are present in every dvd, and they are available for both streaming and download respectively yet also in 3 different qualities which is surely a good thing.

If you click Xxx Videos from the top frame you are going to find the full listing of clips and there are really lots of pages available in fact you have 66 but the thing is that they also present other videos there, for example in the last page they had gay movies...go figure...I checked out this video where you see Jenna Haze and the streaming clip started within a few moments, then I gave a go at the download speed as well and it was around 150-160 k/sec so pretty slow if you ask me.

Eventually, you can check out the photo galleries and when you open that page you will see that at the left of the screen you have lots of niches available so you will most likely find something you like.


I think that TheAdultCinema is nothing special in general although you are going to find lots of movies, basically it's a mixed site where you find general hardcore movies, together with photo galleries and other goodies so in the end you will still have a good time but do not expect to find anything incredible in my opinion. Browsing the site was pretty easy however download speed was not that fast.

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