Teen 18 Review

Review: December 23, 2010, by Steve
Teen 18

Teen 18 is a hardcore site where 'real 18 year olds' get fucked on camera - and where 19 is just too old! You get the very freshest amateur porn hotties and newcomers on this site, but just because they are new it doesn't mean to say they are going to get away without the hardest pounding of their short lives! Just watch these cute babes lose their innocence before your very eyes!


Overall rating5.3

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The navigation on the members' area here does suffer rather from the fact that bonus sites and content do confuse things at times, and that the different indexes and categories can sometimes be slightly confusing. The only update information here is for the bonus DVDs, for some reason, and there did not appear to be a specialist index for all the models. The descriptions of the videos were quite good but on the whole this was quite a poor effort.

The videos here were only available for download in .WMV format at full length, but you could choose from three different sizes, the largest of which was 640x480px. You could also stream the videos in three different sizes in Silverlight and Flash formats at the same resolutions. Most photos here are sized at 666x1000px but not all episodes contain galleries nor ZIP files. There are 15 episodes on total, and the site may not have been updated for 2 years.

There are a couple of things clearly counting against this site from the get go. Firstly, it is very expensive but check the price in your area as it does vary. Also, they do include a pre-checked cross sales box on the join page, so make sure this is unchecked when you join or you will take on extra charges. These really unnecessarily spoil this site from the start and leave a bit of a sour taste before you even start looking at the content.

Not that there is much to see here on Teen18.com. Launched back in 2008 but seemingly abandoned not long after when it comes to updates, this should have had plenty of potential. It's one of those teen sites where the girls hold up their driving licence to prove how young they are - except the dates on them are usually wrong, so you can't even really rely on that part of things. Still, that doesn't affect how good the hardcore scenes are here, nor the fact that there is absolutely loads of bonus content to keep you busy. Without it though, the site would be pretty much sunk.


Teen 18.com never really comes that close to living up to the quality of site it could have been. The action is good and the babes a good selection (if inevitably older than advertised in many cases), but the site hasn't updated for at least 2 years and even the bonuses may not appeal to people looking for more from this genre. Take into consideration the fact that it may cost a LOT to subscribe to in your country and the several other minus points, and it's a missed opportunity overall.

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