Swallowed Review

Review: April 23, 2019, by Steve

Swallowed is a hardcore and blowjob porn site that calls itself "The Ultimate Blowjob Experience"! I dare say the girls on board would agree with that, as would the lucky guys they are blowing! These intense cocksucking sessions are all exclusive to this site, where you will be able to see dozens of hot porn stars blowing until these guys' sperm can be contained no more! Come and check it out!


Overall rating8.2

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I quite liked the presentation of this site, by and large. The index pages come with big, bulky thumbnails which weren't ideal on my small screen laptop but that's a very minor concern. The model index was outstanding, with lots of info provided about all of the performers on this site - of which there were are around 200 in total. The videos themselves are well described and the layout was really bright and welcoming.

There are no photo sets here, but there are extensive screenshot galleries that are of a higher quality than you normally see from that sort of thing. They are all available for ZIP download as well. The videos come with four different downloads and three different streaming versions, up to 1080px HD quality. Download speeds were variable but largely good, and I experienced no buffering on the streamed versions.

Swallowed.com has a growing reputation as a blowjob site and with some justification. This standalone porn site can now routinely call on some of the biggest stars around to appear in its videos, creating quite a portfolio, it has to be said. It keeps things pretty simple and doesn't try and vary things too much - not that it really could anyway!

What it does do is throw in quite a number of MFF videos as well, so you do get some semblance of variety there. It's worth noting that they seem eager to bring us as many babes as they possibly can, too. They actually have more babes on board than they have videos! Some may be disappointed not to see their favourites return, but I personally like a great variety of performers.

Amount of content: 192 videos (all with screenshot sets); no photo sets
Update frequency: 1 or 2 videos per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: Flash and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1920x1080px
Available for mobile: Yes

NOTE - This site has a pre-checked cross sales box on its join page. Please make sure this is unchecked when you join or you may incur extra charges, unless you wish to accept their offer.


Swallowed.com is a really good site that appears to be improving markedly too. It's not a site that really seeks to cater to the tastes of anyone not already a fan of the blowjob genre as it really does focus all of its content on it, not wandering off into other areas. The regular updates are impressive and a really good supplement to an already healthy archive of fine videos.

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