Spy Cam Massage Review

Review: January 21, 2010, by Steve
Spy Cam Massage

Spy Cam Massage is a site where a lady called Pepper is trying to generate some more money and business from her massage parlour. Business has been slow recently, so she installed some cameras in the massage rooms and instructed her girls to start fucking the clients for a little bit of extra cash. And being a fun-loving kinda girl that she is, she even joins in with the action herself sometimes!


Overall rating5.8

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SpyCamMassage starts off with a free tour that has enough free trailers on it to give you an idea of what the site gives you. They are pretty good trailers! The rest of the tour is okay, but I was left wishing that they had made more of an effort with the design on the members' area. The descriptions were okay, but I think at the very least they should have provided fuller update information and indeed an index of all the performers here. But I did like the easy access to the other members' areas for the bonus sites, and the fact that you could easily view the latest updates from those extra sites as well.

None of image or screenshot galleries have .ZIP downloads with them unfortunately, or any other features to speak of. Photos were sized at 800600px for the most part, with screenshots sized at 640x480px. The videos were only available in one .WMV download file though with no shorter clip options though, and these played at 640x480px. The site currently features 18 videos, all featuring photo galleries or screenshot galleries.

Normally when you see a content count as small as that which you can see on SpyCamMassage.com, you would presume it to be a fairly new site. But from what I can tell, this site only updates once per month, so it is actually well established. Unfortunately, it is a pattern repeated on almost all the rest of the sites on this network as well, so expect to see the same story on most of the bonus sites as well.

This is still quite a nice little concept though even if as a voyeur site it isn't entirely convincing. After all, it's pretty clear that everyone here, including the clients who are supposed to be none the wiser to Pepper's little scheme, knows what is going on here. They do try and make it look authentic by having still camera positions, which I think does at least help the theme and pacing of the site. There is some good hardcore action in there too, as you might have expected.


Spy Cam Massage.com is a case of 'nice content, shame about the amount of it'. I don't really think that anyone that is only interested in subscribing to this site alone is going to be impressed by one update per month and I think this network needs to realise this pretty quickly. Still, some nice enough content if never mind-blowing, and a good bonus network for those looking for some all-round thrills.

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