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Review: June 19, 2008, by Gabrio
Special Exercises

Definining this website Special Exercises.com a fetish site is a bit too much if you ask me, but on the other hand I can't see which other major niche this one could fall into. They have basically taken a bunch of girls that are working out at the gym, but also in the most common places and they have been shooting them nude, and as you can easily guess, the craziest thing are going on...let's see inside.


Overall rating7

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Are you ready for checking out these crazy girls doing exercises totally naked? I really think so since that is what you are bout to see in the members area of this site. The link for the members area is located right at the bottom of the page and within a few moments you will be inside, here's what we have. At the top of the page, right under the main header you have some info for the new members and then you find the main content of the site, for each scene there are a few screen shots and the scenes are really mixed. The main page is really long and they have all the main scenes on the same long page.

For each scene you have 4 main screen shots for the video clips and then another one to the right that takes you to the snapshots area. They have linked directly the images that you have on the main page (the long one) and the clips are in .wmv format, their download speed was not bad, around 250 k/sec and they look quite good. Also if you watch them in streaming, they will start in a short while. I liked a scene where they have this babe doing the mistress and another girl with the lace that pretends to be her slave.

All the scenes that you have from the main page of the site are a bit mixed and differentiated when it comes to the content, but one thing that is common in all is the fact that the girls are playing, with other girls. I checked out the snap shots and it was funny to see these funny exercises galleries, in each page you have quite some photos and they do not have the .zip download option from what I can see and that is not very useful if you ask me since you will have to download pic by pic by hand. So what you have to do is to keep checking the long main page until you are done with all the content, it will take you some time!!


Summing up, in the members area of this site Special Excercises.com you have some niched and fetish content if we can say that, in fact you are going to find these hot chicks that are doing crazy excercises but totally naked, just like they would do at the gym, so now do not wait any longer and if you feel you need to get in shape again, go to the gym...naked!!! ;-)

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