Sock Blocked Review

Review: August 5, 2011, by Steve
Sock Blocked

Sock Blocked is a site that all you fans of cute girls in socks really might want to check out! This site not only brings you those very same cute models, but it also brings them to you in some very sexy socks so that you can enjoy the two elements brought together! If you look around, you may also see the odd pair of legwarmers and nylons in the site as well - something for legwear fans everywhere, then!


Overall rating7.5

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There are currently 42 photo galleries and 27 videos on, and although there is no update information in the members' area here, the site does advertise an update being added once a week. The presentation of this site is very good indeed. The models' index is the best part, bunching together all the contributions from that model, but also giving her a short biography as well as some vital statistics about that model. The design of the site was also very good, but I think the site could have done with better descriptions on the photo galleries and videos.

All of the photo galleries on this site come with a ZIP gallery download although all photos come in just one size, that being 1064x1600px. The video options here are really great, though, even if they all only address full length videos. The formats are available in Flash, .WMV, .MOV and .MP4 formats for streaming and downloading, with the very best quality videos playing at 1280x720px. Download speeds were very good indeed, though, and there were no DRM restrictions on any of the videos.

Maybe I'm just completely out of the loop with things, but I'd only heard the phrase 'cock blocked' for the first time a couple of months ago! But regardless of how much of an ignoramus I happen to be, there is no such activity going on here and this is a strictly softcore site that is completely dedicated to a sock and legwear fetish. They also happen to use models that are not big stars but are quite well known in some circles.

The fact is though that some people might not quite get what they want from this site. I know that a lot of people have very specific legwear fetishes, and people will come here just looking for socks and not necessarily nylons and stockings like you quite often get here. For those who are not quite so discerning though, this really is a very good little site that, hopefully, will continue to grow pretty well. As for the girls, there is absolutely no-one here that could be regarded as a disappointment - they are stunning!


Sock is a very good fetish site indeed. I think that the only flaw with the site is that it doesn't have a 100% complete sock fetish collection, but I can't imagine that there would be many people out there that would be still be greatly disappointed by this. It's a very good site indeed and I really do think that as long as the site delivers on its updates and potential, no-one will be disappointed.

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