Sex and Grades Review

Review: April 17, 2013
Sex and Grades

We've all heard the stories about girls sleeping with teachers and professors to get good grades. Sex and Grades tries to pull this theme off, with a schoolroom's worth of hot babes hooking up in all sorts of situations. The talent here is hot, and I like the premise a lot, and I know there are legions of fans of the teacher/schoolgirl dynamic. So does Sex and Grades pass the test? The effort is there, but I think they may need to stay after school.


Overall rating6

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I really want to like this site. Hot, tight, young, clean-looking girls boinking an older professor/teacher to get good grades... yeah, that's a hot scenario. Sex and is supposed to be all about that, and similar sorts of setups. However, what you're really getting here is girls dressed up in schoolgirl outfits, and that's as close as they get to the theme that is presented.

So the premise is good; but maybe a little light on delivery. Now, let's look at the basics; upon logging in, members are presented with scenes in the form of clickable pic links. After clicking one, you're whisked away to that scene's content page. There, you'll find streaming and downloadable video, and/or picture sets. It's not a bad navigation system, but it could be better. It'd be bad if there was a lot of content... as is, you just browse the videos until you find one you like.

Technical quality is OK... not bad, but far from horrible. Video resolution is decent, as is picture resolution. Flash streams came down quickly enough (although not as fast as I'd have liked). Production values are pretty good; no issues with that.

As for the action; again, the premise doesn't come through all that well, but it may not be a big deal. The scenes here are well-done, even if it's not really about sex, grades, school, or whatever. The talent here is sweet; all late teens or early twenties. They're cute/hot, tight-bodied, and have the look of college students. The scenes are all hardcore, and there is an energy in them that is good.

However, there is not a lot of it. Only 20 videos right now, and one of them didn't work, so really... 19. The site updates fairly frequently, so it'll grow, but it's worth pointing out.

That said, even with the paucity of content, the site is part of the Skeet Network; members get access to all Skeet sites. This is a nice bonus.

Amount of content: 20 videos/photosets
Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusive content: Unknown
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: flash and wmv
Photo resolution: 700x1050px
Available for mobile: No

Conclusion promises one thing, but only partially delivers. The whole student/teacher thing doesn't come through, but that may not matter, as what is here is pretty good. However, there is just not a lot of it. 19-20 videos is a pretty small amount of content. The bonus content helps (a lot, actually), and the price isn't bad. I'm a little torn on this site... lots of good, but some major negatives too. If I had to give this site a grade, it would be "Incomplete."

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