Proxypaige Review

Review: May 21, 2014, by Steve

Proxy Paige is a punk porn princess who takes it to the extreme! Her speciality is seeing the various different ways in which she can destroy her ass. Anything that involves her butt is something that she is interested in doing - whether it is anal fisting, giant dildos, milk enemas and anything that leads to a nasty looking prolapse is something that she wants to do on her site. All for our viewing pleasure!


Overall rating7

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This was quite a well presented site that seems to have just enough info for you to be getting on with. The update information was especially very good indeed and it was good to see some pretty decent descriptions of the videos and photo sets on this site. I think the general design of the site could have been a lot tidier, but with an excellent bio dedicated to Proxy, this does a reasonable enough job, I think.

I think that the lack of viewing options on the content here will probably disappoint a lot of people, especially when you see that none of the videos here were available for download. But they do give you three different quality streams for you to make use of including full HD 1080px videos. The photo sets are not available for ZIP download, however, nor are the screenshot sets.

It really is no exaggeration when the star of says that she wants to destroy her ass. I really don't think you could ask for a more damning dossier of evidence than she presents you with here to prove that point! In fact, anal insertions and probing make up almost all of the content here - her pussy gets comparatively very little action indeed here! It really is an extraordinary little site.

Newly launched and containing a delightfully sexy green-haired babe, this has some really extreme action on board that is absolutely not for the squeamish at all. She is so lovely that I couldn't help but look but I think you might need a stronger stomach than I have to enjoy this fully! It is building quite nicely but quite how forgiving people will be about the lack of video downloads when the collection is so small remains to be seen. Especially with a lack of decent bonuses.

Amount of content: 22 videos (with screenshot sets) and 19 photo sets
Update frequency: 1 video per week and 1 photo set per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: 1800x1200px
Available for mobile: No


I did enjoy looking at the star of Proxy - but some of the stuff she gets up to here was too strong even for me! If it's extreme anal you are after then you will get it in spades here as she has got plenty of it to serve up to you! Make sure you are well aware of what you are being exposed to before you check this site out though!

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