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Review: July 13, 2012
POV FreeOnes

POV.FreeOnes.com is a revolutionary type of site. This is the first of its kind, as far as I know, to come up with such a cool and different idea for watching some hot porn. Its like an interactive DVD but streaming and a lot more fun. Its part game, part roleplaying story, part porn, and all sexy and I like it. If you want to really put yourself into the action, and interact directly with hot scenes, this is one to look at.


Overall rating9.8

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$9.95 for 100 token (recurring)
$39.95 for 1000 token (recurring)
$59.95 for 2000 token (recurring)

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POV FreeOnes is cool. I'll just come out and say it now. The idea is novel, new, exciting, and unusual. Oh, I almost forgot to say fun as hell and very hot too. The site introduces a new approach to watching porn. The 3D thing has come and gone but, interactive is where its at. Plus, you don't need any goofy glasses to enjoy this stuff.

Basically, this is how it works. They have hot video scenes here. When you watch a scene, there's several moments where you get to click and decide what happens next. Do you lie to your one night stand girl about remembering her, or do you decide to let her give you a BJ before work? Do you bend your lover over or do you let her ride you to town? Do you try and take on the nasty robbers on the back by yourself and risk an ass whopping or run like a wuss and call the cops? Its tempting since the girl they are holding up is a hot young pornstar! Maybe, just maybe, if you save her, you'll find your way in between her legs. Or lips! The choices are all yours!

Now, its free to sign up. And sure, you can check out a ton of trailers, and watch a lot of the scenes, but, its going to take credits to make certain choices. And believe me, you're going to want to make lots of choices! You can buy credits in packages of 100, 500, and 1000. The more you buy, the more you save.

Certain choices require different amounts of credit. some are 8, some are 15, it just depends. A lot of them are free so don't worry. The interaction itself is really awesome. You choices actually affect the entire story. Who you end up having sex with depends on what you choose. There's plenty of scenes to enjoy, some long, some quick. I counted 21 so far. Each completely different, each hot.

Scenes stream instantly in flash. Quality it top notch and the audio is great to. This looks like some pretty high-def stuff and the action is damn hot. Its even more exciting than usual when you interact. You spend according to your actions. I spent about 60 credits on one scene or "game."

Amount of content: 24+ episodes
Update frequency: unknown
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
Video types: flash
Available for mobile: no


POV FreeOnes takes POV to the next level. Sure, you're looking through the eyes of your character, but its much more than that. Your interactive decisions on-screen affect everything you do. You can lay plenty of hot girls along the way while you explore the story. I highly recommend a scene called "Fuck That Promotion!" Its funny, creative, and as detailed as it is hot. Honestly, its impressive and entertaining. If you're looking for something new, you've just found it!

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