Pantyhose Sports Review

Review: November 12, 2008, by Gabrio
Pantyhose Sports

Pantyhose is a site where you are going to find gorgeous limber girls that love sports, sex and pantyhose! From what I can see, the tour of the website looks nice, quality content and the girls they are featuring on the first page seem to be hot as all we need to do is to check whether what they have inside the members area is as hot, follow me and read below!


Overall rating7.8

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Ok fetish lovers, if you are ready for knowing everything about this nice site Pantyhose then you are in the right place since we are going to to through the site with this site's review. Entering the members area of the site is quite easy and all you have to do is to click at the top where it reads members and in a matter of a few moments you will be inside, easy huh? And another nice thing was the fact that the main page really refreshed in a few the top of the page we have a classic menu with the following links: Home, Picture Sections, Movie Sections, Other Sections and Customer Support finally.

Then just a few lines below that you have a welcome message for all new members (always nice to read that huh?) and then you have some quickjump links as well, and special offers that are located to the right of the page as well. I started with Pantyhose Sports Movie Collection and when you click that one you get a page with some screen shots of these sexy girls that are playing and it seems that they are practicing some sports, there is a hot one with a super tight body and red panties that I just clicked.

A nice thing was the fact that there are 22 pages overall for this category I have chosen and each page has 4 clips on each, so that means you have 88 videos in total, not bad! The videos look fun and they were streaming fast as well, I checked out a video where you have a nice brunette that is doing some exercises at home, always wearing pantyhose, I am not too sure about this combo, but who cares? She has a great as eh eh!!! You have full videos, .amv clips and .avi clips.

Back to the main page of the site, I checked out the photo galleries now, you have 3 main categories: Pantyhose Sports Collection, Nude Sports Collection and Stills From Videos. I checked out the first and on each page you have 3 galleries for a total of 33 pages so overall 99 galleries, yeah we did good math at school! Photos have a good quality and .zip downloads are not present.


Summing up, the content you have in the members area of this website looks quite good and browsing the site was easy and quick as well. Download speed was medium (200 k/sec) and they have both nude and non nude sections available, always with the girls wearing pantyhoses. You have also a few other extras like an updates archive, live sex shows and a dvd store, stories and links.

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