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Review: August 11, 2009, by Gabrio
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Online Hardcore Video

Online Hardcore Video seems to be one of those websites with generic hardcore content and from what I can see by checking out the tour of the site, these gals are nasty and they want raw xxx action! I checked out their free trailers and I can say that the content that we have here seems to be worthy so I am curious and I guess that we have to check out the members area now, read below!!


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I hope that you are ready for some OnlineHardcoreVideos since that is what we are about to find in the members area of this taking a look at the updates that you have in the members area of this website, I can say that they have sexy stuff! Other that the main content of the site, they have also a special castings section where you find more content with the girls... I clicked on it and then I found this russian girl called Alissa and I found a good hardcore scene with her and a friend of her doing a big foursome... then you have an a-z listing with other girls, worth to check it out.

For every girl you have many options for watching the scenes in fact you have both a streaming flash video and other video formats, we have a large format .wmv, then small format .wmv, small video parts and then a photo gallery for every update. I had a great download speed in fact for a single file download I had about 800 k/sec however keep in mind that I am connecting from Europe.

I checked out couple of the streaming videos they have on the page with the hardcore girls and they were working quite particular I liked this scene wher ethe girl is wearing hot black boots with steel heel, damn they are aggressive, imagine what you would do to a girl wearing those! I bet you would destroy her hehe! Anyway at the bottom of the main page you find a link that takes you to a second page and that is how it works, when you are done with the videos on the first page, click on that one for going to the other pages.

These chicks in the scenes are amateurs and I suggest you to download the high quality .wmvs since they were the ones with the highest quality available. In my personal opinion the best girls from this website can be found on the second page, you have some orgies there and some double penetrations, surely worth a visit if you like this rough stuff.


This website Online Hardcore is overall quite simple when it comes to the design and layout and once you get a feel of how it's working, you will be downloading the videos within a few minutes! Depending by what you like to see, check out the various pages where you have different girls..blondes, brunettes, red heads, then they have ass fucking, orgies, creampies....there is a bit of everything and you have also 2 bonus sites included with the membership. Have fun!

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