Nylon Worlds Review

Review: August 18, 2008, by Gabrio
Nylon Worlds

Yet another fetish site on the reviews list today, this website is about girls that wear hot nylon, in fact the domain name is NylonWorlds so it's easy to figure out what you are going to find there. From what I can see on the tour of the site, there are nice chicks that really love to wear sexy nylon, stockings and things like that! Now take a peek of the tour and then read the full review about the members area in the box below! Ciao!


Overall rating7.8

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Entering NylonWorld.com is pretty easy in fact the login button is located at the top of the page and for being more precise, to the left of the page... ok after having said that, I entered the page after a few moments and here's what I have: at the top you have a main header with a girl that stays in a contortionist position, that's wicked if I have to be honest! Then right under that you have Member News, Picture Galleries, Videos, Model Directory, a link for the Bonus Sites, Last Updates in a text format and then there is a link for a bonus site but you will need a separate membership for that one actually.

I jumped to the Photo Galleries, for each gallery you have a pretty good thumbnail, big and clean and from what I can see the girls they have there, like spreading their legs, which should be a good thing for you! The site overall works pretty fast, at the top of each gallery you have a rating system and then you can also choose whether you want Large or Medium images, which is useful in my opinion. The photos open in a new window and you can eventually choose to turn on the slide show feature so that you don't have to keep on clicking for moving to the next photo over and over.

There is a pretty large collection of photo galleries, for being more precise there are 12 pages and each page holds a fair number of sets and all the girls wear this sexy nylon just like you would expect. Ok next the videos....in the main page you have 160x132 screen shots that give you an idea of the video clips themselves, each page has 8 clips and there are 6 pages in total. I checked out this video with this brunette hottie and then in the next page I had 2 links, one for the streaming video and one for downloading it onto my hard drive. I chose to stream it and in a matter of few moments it started playing, quality was overall good and the chick looked hot, good job, during the video they were doing a photo shoot.


This site Nylon World.com looks good overall in my opinion, both for the amount of content and for its quality in fact the girls look good, and there are lots of nylons so you can say that they have pretty much centered the target of the buyers that bought the membership with that thing in their mind. The model directory looks pretty fine and I am sure you will enjoy moving through these hotties, so have fun!!

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