My Spy Vids Review

Review: June 11, 2009, by Steve
My Spy Vids

My Spy Vids is an amateur voyeur and hardcore video site where a guy isn't just satisfied fucking lots of hot girls. He's taking advantage of them without them knowing by filming their sex sessions, posting them on this site for you to watch and making some money out of them as well! And because they mostly don't know they're being filmed, they do plenty of things that they would never do on camera!


Overall rating6.3

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At the time of review, MySpyVids has 205 videos for you to download but no photo or screenshot galleries. There are no free video samples for you to watch apart from a couple of constantly streaming but very small ones at the time of some tour pages. This tour did allow you, however, to be able to browse through the majority of what is on offer in the members' area.

The navigation when you log in though was a bit confusing. For some reason you start off on a page which links you to free previews of a number of other sites. These are not bonus sites from what I could tell, but they could be a lot clearer as to what these are. The index pages are far too simple - you get video lengths, a small video description, a few thumbnails, and that's it.

The videos on this site are not available to stream and they are only available in full file downloads only. These start downloading as soon as you click a link, there are no viewing options at all. All of the videos are available in .AVI format only usually sized at 640x480px.

Instead of being a collection completely based on 'spying' videos, it seems that is actually almost two sites in one. I found myself wondering why some of the ladies on the site seemed to be completely aware of cameras pointing at them and were actually performing for them, for instance. You would hope that this guy wasn't really a spy - even the CIA wouldn't take him! As it turns out, judging by the way they are labelled, some videos are voyeurism and spy-based, whilst others are just normal amateur videos.

Once I figured that out, I wondered why it was called what it was if it wasn't all about voyeur videos. Also, where were these live performances they talk about? Nowhere to be seen. Plus, I wouldn't bother requesting models for him to fuck in the forum - it's spam city! This may all sound like the site must be awful or something but despite all this, it really isn't. The action is normally quite good, and many of the girls are extremely hot. And, of course, there is a lot to watch here.


My Spy seems to be a little bit muddled in its ideas and also in its navigation. The strange thing is that the library of videos here is big enough that even though only about half the videos are actually 'voyeur' in nature, it's still a big site in that regard. Taken as an amateur hardcore site, it actually is fairly good value for money, but I don't think it updates any more and there are parts to be avoided.

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