Meat Melons Review

Review: August 3, 2007, by Gabrio
Meat Melons

Meat is the place to be for all the big tits lovers and from what you can see on the main page of the tour, where there is this blonde chick that is doing some breast fucking action - eventually you have also an HD sample video that I strongly suggest you to check out! There is not much else on the site so I guess that for knowing all the rest, we have to login to the members area, let's do that!


Overall rating7.8

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Watching a girl with massive juggs is like watching a magnet and being attracted by that, and when I am telling you this, I am imagining a sexy brunette with long smooth legs that walks on the beach with a sexy bikini that wraps her her hot curves, well time to stop my fantasy now I guess, let's get back to earth.....the main page of the site is very long and at the top of the page you will fins lots of links in yellow for the main sections which are: Menu, Bonus Sites, Bonus Feeds, Bonus Movies, Premium Live Chat, Find A Sex Friend, Troubleshooting, Contact and Log Out - then you have a welcome message at the very top of the page and then you have the hot content of the site that is represented by the Most Recent Updates....for each one you have a very big image and under that you have the links for checking out the Pictures or for playing the Movies eventually - I have to add on a side note that the girls are very pretty.

If you scroll down the page a bit more, under the main sets - which are not that many unfortunately - you are going to find the Bonus Sets from their Bonus Sites and finally at the very bottom of the page you will find the list of the bonus movies that are included. The good thing about this site is that the video clips are in High Definition and when you click "Play Movie" for any of the main scenes that are present on the site, you are going to arrive to the page where you have the links for these sexy breast fucking video clips. The highest quality clips are available at 4200 kbits and that is really a very high number if you ask me, I tried to watch the videos in streaming but unfortunately they were too large for my adsl connection therefore I had to download them on my hard drive - quality looked great though.

At the bottom of the pages where you have the links for downloading or for streaming the clips, you will also find the thumbnails for the photos - they are really large, looking great - that lead to the full sized images whose quality is definitely good.


Even though if you consider the overall amount of the single scenes that are present on this site which is not very big, when it comes to EACH scene, then I have to say that they have done an excellent job since the videos have a superb quality and the photo galleries have many photos shot with style and high quality and do not forget that the girls give amazing tit fucking action so be prepared for seeing warm cum on tits!

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