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Review: September 17, 2013
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Mean Dungeon

As formulaic sites go, Mean adheres to its formula really well, and the formula is actually pretty good. This site combines a number of different themes into one interesting site, and the combo works. You'll find femdom, BDSM, and a whole bunch of neat fetishes here, with some decent technical backing and organization. It's a fairly new site, so they need to add more content (and that appears to be happening), so for you patient types who are into female domination, you're going to find some fun here.


Overall rating7.5

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If you've been a bad boy and pissed off the domme in your life, then you may get sent to This site employs the concept of femdom and adds in a BDSM-style dungeon. The women on this site take their dominant tendencies out on the hapless and pathetic men that are waylaid into their torture chambers, and the men love it!

This site uses a fairly consistent formula for each of the 27 video scenes and accompanying photosets that it contains. Each scene is roughly 45-50 minutes, and stars a well known pornstar. The babe (and they're all super hot) walks in to the dungeon, where a man has already been secured in some sort of sexual torture apparatus (stocks, table, etc.). She proceeds to taunt him in a variety of manners, eventually releasing him. Most of the video is then spent doing any of a number of things; face sitting, ass worship, pussy smothering, foot worship, trampling, light smacking, lots of taunting, and some occasional extra humiliation in various forms. The end is almost always a handjob with a controlled cum shot.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first came in here, and this isn't really my kink, but I liked what I saw. The talent is outstanding and they do a great job with the concept. If I can appreciate this, you all that are into this will love it.

It's also nicely organized, with a simple interface and intuitive sorting tools. There's not a lot here right now, so that helps with the sorting, but it's still fairly usable.

The technical backing is nice too, with videos maxing out at 1280x720, and photos at a crisp 1500x1000px. I had a few minor hitches on the streams, but overall it was fine. Videos are only available in mp4 format, so that's not great, but they worked well for me.

That's all good, but there's one issue; 27 videos is not a lot. The site does add content in odd streaks, so it should grow, but take note.

Amount of content: 27 videos/6962 photos
Update frequency: 1-4x/month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720px
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 1500x1000
Available for mobile: Yes


If you ever find yourself strapped to a pole in some hot chick's basement while she laughs at you and taunts you with her body, you just may be on I like this site's themes and presentation, and the talent is fantastic. It's also well organized and has mostly solid technical backing. However, with only 27 scenes, members will get bored quickly. You do get access to the Mean Network (of similar sites), so that adds some major value. However, until the schedule of content additions at Mean Dungeon get more regular, buy carefully here.

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