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Review: January 17, 2012
Lukey is a site that follows the adventure of a man that I envy much. Really, the site should be called Lucky instead. Lukey has a grand love for escorts and he's not afraid to show it. He has collected a rather nice amount of content from his experiences with some of the UK's hottest escorts. He has pictures and videos for us to see and its all done in a nice professional format.


Overall rating8

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Pricing is the home of a man named Lukey and his nice array of porn. Lukey has been hitting up escorts since the day he lost his virginity and has never stopped banging the beauties since. Hmph, Lucky. He has filmed videos and taken tons of pictures of his wild sex sessions with these pay-for-sex goddesses. Lucky. And he's had tons of girls, even in pairs. Man, this guy is lucky.

Yes, Lukey is truly lucky and I like his style. I mean, I've always wanted to see what a date with an escort would be like but I have never summed up the courage to actually do it. I mean, what do you do, what do you say? Thank goodness Mr lucky Lukey has no problems meeting them and banging them and filming it because now I can live vicariously through him. And maybe, pick up some pointers.

This site says they use actual 110% real escorts. I believe it. These girls not only totally look the part, but they have links to their escort sites and profiles so you can actually meet them for yourself. The good news is that it'll be easier for those of you around the UK to do so since Mr lucky Lukey lives over there and all the girls come from there too. Download some sample trailers in the tour to see if this is your thing. They are generous and of good quality.

The site is very easy to navigate. Nothing fancy, no clutter, just point and click. There are 72 photo sets that I see so far. Pictures open up around 567x850 each. You can use a slideshow to view them if you wish as well. There are zipfile downloads for gallery downloads.

Videos are where its at. There are 74 videos from 74 girls. Videos can be watched in streaming flash format or downloaded in wmv and mov format. Wmv videos can be downloaded in a high definition format that opens up at 720x406 with a biterate over 1600.

The girls vary in looks which is nice. Younger, older, skinny, chubby, hot, so-so, shaved, hairy, etc. It further strengthens the whole real escort belief. One cool confirmation is the links to the escort's websites and escort profiles off the mainsite. You can actually book these girls for yourself!


Lukey is kind of a cool site. I think he actually uses real escorts and that's a really rare find! For those of us who want to know what it's like, this is a really cool way of learning the name of the game. Quality is good, the girls are nicely varied in looks and styles, and those accents are super hot. If I was in the UK, I would hit some of these girls up after seeing this. You guys in the UK are so lukey. I mean lucky.

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