Love Jannah Review

Review: May 7, 2013
Love Jannah is one of the 11 sites that is featured in the Good Girls Pass network. They have a knack for collecting only the cutest young teens and giving them their own little sites. Jannah is one of those young cute teens and this is the place to see her in all her naked teen glory. This site is softcore in nature and is a pretty good tease. You just wish the tease was a lot longer.


Overall rating5.5

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Love stars a pretty cute teen named Jannah Burnham. I'm actually not sure of her age to be exact, but she just has to be barely 18. If you like em young, Jannah definitely follows that suit. She's totally teen and totally petite, right up my alley. Be warned, her tour won't give you much insight to the members area but they do tell you the specs of the entire network and they got a lot when you add everything together.

Its a shame I can't say the same for Jannah's site. When you get right down to it, its a quick ride. Don't get me wrong, its a hot ride and all, but its pretty damned short. Logging in to this short hot ride is easy as pie, and the overall navigation is pretty easy and its quite simple to get around. When you log in, simply click Jannah's site out of the list of the 11 bonus sites in the network. Trust me, you're going to need those sites too once you finish with Jannah's.

After that, you can click pictures or videos to go to either one. Pictures were first on my list. They are pretty nice. They opened up at 1200x801 and there are 27 galleries with about 65-100 images per set. There are no zipfiles so get that right click ready for downloading one picture at a time. You will see plenty of her great tits, nice ass, and, the best part of all, her pussy too!

There are a few videos too, and I really mean a few. Try a whopping 6. On top of that, downloading the videos seemed to yield a technical issue with the zips. I couldn't open them, but streaming them works fine. Quality is so so and they look about 640x480 in flash.

As for the bonuses, be sure you check them out before signing up because you'll be surfing those within minutes. It would appear the sites are all similar starring cute solo girls like Jannah.

Amount of content: 27 photosets and 6 videos
Update frequency: Not updating
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 640x480
Video types: flash and unknown downloadable format
Photo resolution: 1200x801
Available for mobile: No


Love Jannah may have a super cute teen at the helm, but her site is just so small, you really should be signing up for the network rather than just for her site alone. I can't imagine committing to a year, so a month's subscription might be a good option. It also appears that updates are a done deal for this site as well. This is really a fans only purchase. If you like the network, you're good, but Jannah just doesn't have enough content on her own.

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