Live Doll Review

Review: July 1, 2016
Live Doll

You're the director, editor, and producer at Live, a softcore site that is one of a kind. The content itself is fairly typical of what you'd find in a site that features a collection of girl-only scenes, but the twist here is that the viewer gets to choose the action, angle, and direction the scene takes. It's a different kind of site, a type that I haven't seen before. It has ups and downs and might appeal to those looking for a little control in their porn.


Overall rating7.2

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Live-Doll takes what might normally be an ordinary porn site, and gives its members a little bit of remote control. This place is unlike any other porn site I've seen.

The content here includes both videos and photos, but the thrust of everything is around the videos. What the producers have done is shot their girl-only cast of models in scenes, and broken the scenes in to modules/clips. The viewer can then choose the modules that they want to view, in the order that they want to view them, and at their own discretion. It's a bit like being the director in your own softcore porn production.

More specifically, upon logging in, members are presented with several options from which to choose; this is pretty standard, with Scenes, Models, and Photos as options. There is only one photoset as of this review, but that's of little matter. The meat is in the scenes. You can access them either via the Scenes button, or the Models button. Both lead you to another selection page, replete with tags that help further narrow down interests.

Once you've chosen a scene, more options present themselves in the form of actions/scene directions. Depending on the scene, you might "command" your model to get naked, use a dildo, or play with herself. You can then change between camera angles, all of this in whatever order you like.

It's pretty nifty, although it's not really all that different from just FF-ing through a porn scene until you get to what you like. Still, it's unique and a change of pace.

There is more to like than just the premise. The models are pretty top-shelf, and the production values are high. It's all crisp and clear in 1080p high def. The Flash interface had a few glitches, but nothing terrible.

There's not a ton of content right now, but more is coming, as the producers put a lot of care in to the scenes and it takes time.

Amount of content: 22 Scenes/1 photoset
Update frequency: 2x/month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: 4000px
Available for mobile: Coming soon


I don't know that I'd call Live a novelty site, but it's in the vein. The talent is sweet, the action is standard, but the main drawing card here is the control that viewers have over the action. Being able to manipulate the scenes is as close as it probably gets to having a virtual girl at your fingertips. It's fairly easy to use, quality of content is high, and it has a distinction all to itself. The splash page has a free try if you're uncertain.

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