Lezzie BFF Review

Review: August 9, 2016
Lezzie BFF

When the motto of an adult website is "Beautiful French-Canadian sluts eating pussies!" you know you're getting at least one thing. Obviously, in the case of Lezzie BFF.com, that's girl on girl action. This member site of the Pegas Production studio home brings you hot young girls from around Montreal in passionate, fun, and varied lesbian hijinks. Add in a usable layout and access to the entire Pegas network, and this place has some kick.


Overall rating7

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There are a few sure-fire formulas in adult entertainment, and one of them is hot lesbian action. Lezzie BFF jumps on that theme with some super high quality production and mostly hits the target. There are a few things here that could be better, but for the most part, I like what I found.

The good- Pegas has been doing this since 2006, and they really seem to have it down pat. The production values here are definitely on the high side. Lighting, editing, cameras, resolution (topping out at 720p in high def); all of it is high quality and it shows in the videos and photos. I also think it's stronger than most other studio based porn in that the sets looks realistic (probably because they are). Most of it is shot in settings that are real houses, bedrooms, or what have you, as opposed to obvious sets in a studio. It kind of gives it a gonzo feel of sorts, even though that's not a theme.

The action here is fun. The girls look like they're having a great time in their scenes, and that helps the viewer get in to the action. It's also surprisingly varied for a single-theme site. There are groups, outdoor activity, and more.

Pegas is based in Montreal, which means that this is mostly (but not all) in French. That isn't necessarily bad, but in most of the videos, I couldn't tell what was being said. A few had subtitles, but I was lost much of the time. With this kink, it's not a big deal, because lesbian action is great in any language.

The user interface is a mixed bag. It's not hard to figure out, but the sorting system and tools only work for the entire network. That means that when you're in the site itself, you're pretty much browsing all the content. This didn't cause me many issues (There's only 55 scenes to date), but is noteworthy.

Amount of content: 55 scenes
Update frequency: 4x/week across network
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720p HD
Video types: Flash, mp4
Photo resolution: 935x526 pixels
Available for mobile: Yes


The Lezzie BFFs at this lesbian themed site are hot, young, tight, and randy. They are nicely portrayed by the folks at Pegas Productions, and even though there might be some language barriers, the bottom line is that you get hot girl on girl action. The user interface doesn't get in the way of a good time. Add in the Pegas network and a few other bonuses, and a fair pricing structure, and I can give this site a thumbs up.

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