Lets Fuck Outside Review

Review: March 14, 2019, by Steve
Lets Fuck Outside

Thinking of going for a nice family walk along that tree-lined country path? Then you might just want to keep your eyes peeled because you might just bump into some of the participants on Let's Fuck Outside! The girls and guys love the thrill of having sex in the great outdoors, and they don't really seem to mind if they get caught. This site is a part of the Pegas Productions network.


Overall rating7.5

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I am pretty disappointed with the quality of the user interface here. The network hub navigates pretty well on the whole but on the single site it really isn't great. There's no update information on the site at all so it's pretty tough to know if it's even being updated anymore. There's also the fact that it's hard to to search for models for this specific site because the index is geared towards the whole site. Also, there are WAY too many ads, including in-screen popups.

The options for viewing the video sets are very good though, and should satisfy anyone. There are three or four of these for both streaming and downloading videos, from mobile quality up to 1920x1080px HD. Download speeds are usually really good on this site, and the streams are of a good quality too. If you can find the photo sets, you will be able to download these to a ZIP file.

Despite my misgivings over the user interface here, LetsFuckOutside.com is still a site I really like. The content side of Pegas Productions is some of my favourite stuff around and this is about as fun a site as they have on their books. Then again, I do love an outdoor sex site as well, so it does have an advantage!

What I enjoyed about it most of all is that there are so many different setups pushed forward here. I'd like to have seen more of the scenes be more daring in their settings, but the action is so hot and the performers are having such a laugh doing these things that it really counted for a lot.

Amount of content: 54 videos; access to photo sets in inclusive network
Update frequency: Update schedule unknown - unknown if site is still updating
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1065x1600px
Available for mobile: Yes

NOTE - This site has a pre-checked cross sales box on its join page. Please make sure this is unchecked when you join or you may incur extra charges, unless you wish to accept their offer.


LetsFuckOutside.com is a more than fine outdoor sex site, and is one that should find a lot of favour with fans of this kind of thing. As much as I might complain about the presentation and the rather egregious use of ads, Pegas always produce great content and it is more than worth wading through the issues to get to it. This really is ever such a fun site from a great network.

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