Kayla Louise Review

Review: December 14, 2009, by Steve
Kayla Louise

Kayla Louise is a pretty British teen that says that she has something of an obsession with all things naughty. This brunette cane be sweet and angelic when she wants to be, but you will not see that side of her much when you join her site. She has a lot more fun when she is being naughty, and there is a lot of naughtiness going on with her site, you will be pleased to hear....


Overall rating6.5

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The overall layout and user interface with KaylaLouise was decent enough without ever threatening to blow your pants off with its quality. Which might be a good thing if you are looking at it in a public place! There is just about enough information about Kayla to be going along with (although it does sound almost the same as 90% of the other teen models out there) and all of the content is dated so that you can keep track of all the most recent updates. The forum and blog are rather quiet though, and it would have been nice if they could have included some semblance of a description with any of the sets of content.

All of the videos on the site can be streamed and downloaded but the options with them are limited - you only get one option for each, with these playing the full video only at 720x576px. The download speeds were extremely quick though! All of the image galleries here use the same size of photo throughout, that being a pretty impressive 1000x1500px. These galleries all have .ZIP file downloads included too.

Now where on earth did they find this delicious hottie?! 18 year old models don't often come as curvy and instantly sexy as she does, but the lady behind KaylaLouise.com is an absolute beauty. She looks as though she may have some kind of exotic mixture of ethnicities behind her that have combined to produce such extraordinary looks - and if they had told us more about her, maybe we could have found out if this was the case!

Her site is tiny right now, having only been around for about 6 weeks or so in terms of its content. Just 10 photo galleries and 7 videos though are being added to at least twice per week, so hopefully the site will grow pretty quickly. It is all based around stripping, nudity and some masturbation so far, but it was good to see her prepared to be so naughty despite being so new to this. Nothing especially original to the content, but her sheer beauty is what will drive this site.


Kayla Louise.com features one of the most beautiful new models I have seen all year, and I have seen quite a few. Her galleries and videos concentrate on pushing just how pretty she is and not doing anything too convoluted with her content, which I think is right. The collection is very small but growing impressively and hopefully this will grow into the site that Kayla deserves. She is definitely one to watch in 2010.

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