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Review: December 22, 2016
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Jenevieve Hexxx

When I first signed on to review Jenevieve, I was pretty uncertain what I was getting myself in to. It's easy to tell that this is not the girl next door, not by a long shot. From the ink that adorns large swaths of her curvy figure, to the alt-fet looks that she likes to effect, she's definitely a bit of a sexual freak. Her site will take you on a wild ride through her edgy sexual lifestyle. Buckle up!


Overall rating7

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Jenevieve Hexxx is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. If you're in to traditional porn star looks and styles, and that's all you like, keep looking. Jenevieve is not that. She, and her site, are all about fringe kinks and alt-fet, with touches of fem-dom and fantasy sex. She's not what I usually tend to favor in porn, but I sure appreciate her attitude, and she really effects her look well.

Jenevieve is, at her core, a very attractive woman. She has a killer enhanced figure, and that has appeal in and of itself. However, it's her alternative look that is probably the thing that will appeal to her fans. She sports lots of ink, and puts on the part of the edgy, alternative kinkster very well.

However, it's obvious that this isn't just a part that she's playing. She's in to some pretty edgy kinks; members here are treated to a pretty broad range of themes. In fact, there's not a lot here that isn't fringe. The tamest things are some solo masturbation scenes, but even those aren't exactly light. She also gets in to wrestling with men, femdom, foot fetish, and more. All of it is imbued with Jenevieve's special brand of alt-glam. She even has some vampire sex scenes. It's all pretty "out there" but in a really enjoyable way.

Quality of the material on the site is definitely on the pro-am side, although I'd say it's on the high end of that. That includes resolution on video. It maxes out at 1080p, and is sufficiently usable if not high definition. While not cutting edge, the production values get the job done. Navigation isn't awesome, but is workable.

Quantity is a little lacking, with only 14 videos and 12 photosets currently available. I'd really like to see more from Jenevieve; she's really interesting, but updates seem to come a little infrequently. Hopefully, new stuff will come with a little more regularity.

Amount of content: 14 videos/13 photos
Update frequency: Seems to be infrequent
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: No Information Available
Available for mobile: No


This one's a fairly easy call, with one caveat. If you're in to hot babes who effect the alternative look, you'll like Jenevieve Hexxx. Her wild, super kinky and edgy sex life isn't for everyone, but is exciting and interesting. I'd like to see more of it, and more regularly, however. The site is easy enough to get around, and the technical aspects work well enough. I'll give this a qualified thumbs up, but you may want to wait til there's more content in the bank before signing up.

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