Intense Penetrations Review

Review: February 27, 2007, by Gabrio
Intense Penetrations

We all know that on the internet you have any kind of site and I think that this one proves you that there are certain niches, and let me just say that they are a bit extreme, which many visitors like, not me anyway....Intense Penetrations presents you a collection of girls who are getting fuck'd by HUGE dildos, HUGE toys and stuff like that, it's almost incredible to watch these girls!!


Overall rating7

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I have just logged inside the main page of and here is what we have: the background of the page is black and they have added lots of text for all the different areas of the page: Home, Latest Updates, Features Series, Videos, Pictures, Model Index, Live Girls, Bonus Sites and My Favorites (which is a cool section which lets you add your favorite scenes there).

On the left of the page you have Quick Links where there are basically the same links and then at the center of the page there are again the same links but now they also have a description of each section. At the right of the page you have the Site Statistics and then they present the Most Popular Scenes as well as Most Popular DVDs.

I checked out the Featured Series and the first clip you have there is called Intense Penetrations, Episode 32 and I can see that there is a girl who is having her ass stretched to her max and then another guy tries to insert a HUGE toy inside....the set right after that one features a girl who is having a fire extinguisher and a baseball bat so I thought to check out that scene but when I clicked that scene, I had an error from the server unfortunately.

I tried couple of other scenes from this page like 6-7 and the same thing happened, none of the clips was working and let me just say that this is really disappointing. So I eventually clicked Videos and that page has more clips but then again the same thing happened, I believe their server got some serious issues and they better fix it quick!

Well then the only thing I could do was checking out the Photo Sets, since I thought that they could work but then again no links were working, therefore I jumped yet to another section called Model Index and you have there the full list of girls available, then I picked a random girl and tried to check her scenes but well, you can easily guess it yourself, nothing worked!


At a first impression I thought that Intense was a good site when it comes to the actual content but then I realized that no links were working and that is really bad. After checking out almost all sections they have, I checked out their Bonus Sites' content and those were working at least, there was this site with fucking machines which had nice girls, so you can check them out eventually, but keep in mind what I said about the main contents.

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