Hot Lipstick Lesbians Review

Review: May 18, 2007, by Gabrio
Hot Lipstick Lesbians

You have to tell me how you can't fall in love with these lesbians you find inside - the site has a nice high quality tour where the girls are licking and getting horny and horny, there is a set where you see the hot Sylvia Saint and she's having fun with her girl and their purple dildo friend, just amazing! The other chicks look pretty hot too, see you inside now!


Overall rating6.8

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The price for the monthly membership is $39.95 and I have to say that this sounds a bit high in my opinion however if the content on the site is worthy then I guess that you will be ok with that, lets see what they have. Entering the members area is easy but for some reason when I logged in I was taken to the main page of which is one of their bonus sites if I understood correctly, yeah that must be it since you have a drop down menu located in the upper left corner of the page that lets you jump from one Bonus Site to the other very easily.

So by using that drop down menu I moved to the members area of HotLipStickLesbians and this is what we have there, right near the drop down menu you have: Movies, Photos, Bonus Feeds DVD Archive, Customer Support and Find A Date as well.

The main page of the site is pretty easy and all over it you can see the main lesbian scenes, in total we have 3 pages and there are also other links for Featured Vids, Bonus Feeds, Bonus Vids, Image Galleries, Live Cams, Sex Shop and Free Sites, yet you should also look at the right of the page where you have the Newest Videos. The lesbian videos which are on the main page are looking pretty good and to tell the truth I want to check out the scene with Sylvia, it seems that she's playing it hard with her girl friend.

The videos are available in .mpg and .wmv formats and for every scene there is a pretty good amount of clips available....I tried to download some videos and the speed is around 450 k/sec which is pretty good, if you are looking for the best quality scenes then make sure to go for the .mpg scenes. The speed is good for watching the clips in streaming and that was what I have done with some however they are looking a bit pixelated, this clip with Sylvia looks pretty hot and she's playing hard with this girl friend of hers, what a tight pussy she has!!


Watching these lesbians having fun is really very hot and I can bet 100 euro that you are going to get horny watching them having fun with their toys! My favorite has been the scene with Sylvia Saint and her girl friend though the quality of the video was not good. I checked the same clip in .wmv and the quality was much better, now that's strange since the .mpeg ones are usually better. The amount of content of Hot Lipstick Lesbians is not that big in the end.

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