Hey Little Dick Review

Review: January 13, 2010, by Steve
Hey Little Dick

Hey Little Dick is a site where a bunch of not particularly well hung guys are apparently not ashamed of showing off their pathetic little penises. If they were, then they certainly wouldn't let a gang of gorgeous ladies, who will not even strip off their clothes for these poor guys, laugh and mock them for being so unfortunately endowed. Still, these dudes get the last laugh - these girls jerk them off until they have a very pleasant cumshot!


Overall rating6.5

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HeyLittleDick has a pretty good free tour where you check out a few free trailers - and see just how tiny these cocks are! The members' area is quite well organised as well, with separate video and photo gallery sections but I think that they need to date their content as at the moment it is quite tough to know when they update. The in-depth descriptions of the latest scenes though are really pretty amusing though (as are the various images and cartoons around the site) and this was generally quite a lot of fun to browse round.

All of the videos can be streamed and downloaded in full, and you can also download smaller clips on each scene too. The streamed videos are presented in Flash Player and play at 720x480px, with the .WMV file downloads playing at a best of 816x460px. Download speeds were very good indeed, I found. The image galleries do not have any .ZIP downloads on them, but the individual images are sized at 800x533px. There are slideshows on all of the galleries though. There are currently 31 videos and 32 photo galleries on the site.

HeyLittleDick.com is a site where we are supposed to laugh at and mock guys for their small cocks - but actually, when it's all said and done, I actually envied them a little bit. After all, how much nerve must it take to show your face and your diminutive dick on camera and then have it mocked by a bunch of hot women? Mind you, getting jerked off by said hotties must be quite a large amount of compensation for the guys in question!

This is actually best viewed as a humiliation and CFNM site as very few of the girls here show so much as a nipple. It does add a whole new dimension to the site as it presumably adds to the guys' frustrations. It is also lots of fun as these girls really do have quite a bagful of quips on hand to mock these guys with. One girl proclaims, "Is that an incredibly small penis in your pocket or are you not pleased to see me?" Quality! Some great handjobs are dished out too, although they are more like finger jobs!


Hey Little Dick.com is a lot of fun even despite having a pretty small collection. Just about ideal for CFNM fans as well as those who like humiliation content, this executes its scenes with lots of fun and well produced performances. It needs more updates to be really worth the money, especially as there are no bonuses on offer on the site, but its novelty shows no signs of wearing off yet.

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