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Review: September 26, 2007, by Gabrio
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Her First Kisses

What do you think of two girls having some fun? You would say, much better than ONE! And this could not be so true....HerFirstKisses.com is a nice looking site (at least from the tour) where you are going to find sexy lesbian girls that are playing games with their friends, sucking, licking and doing all those things that turn you on when it comes to girl-girl action. Now you don't have any other excuses but check out the preview clips, then read the full review below!!


Overall rating7.5

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If you're ready for some hot lesbian action then you came to the right place....the link for the members area is really easy to spot in fact it's located at the top of the page and within a few moments you will be inside the protected area which is really easy to browse by the way....at the top you will see 3 main links which are: News, Videos and Friends and then a little under those you have some small tables with links for the latest videos that have been added to the site.

If you click Videos, you will see all the main girls that feature the members area of Her First Kisses.com and if I am not wrong (which happens seldom), these girls are all from Eastern Europe, probably Prague or something like that. On each page you have 6 videos and in the end you have 5 pages which means that there are 30 videos in total available. When you click any of the small images from the main video pages, then you are taken yet to another page with either one or two images and then again if you click any of those, you will reach the page where you have the actual download links.

The clips are available either for downloading or for streaming and after checking out a few, I noticed that their size is approximately 20-30 mb. Download speed was really fine and I had around 520 k/sec that is the max of the adsl connection I am on at the moment so in the end you will download the movies in less than a minute at this speed, not bad huh? The most of the videos feature 2 girls but there are some others which are really more fun in fact you have 3 or more girls there and that just means more action and more pussy licking if you know what I mean! Out of all the videos that they have available, I think that the best one was the scene with Mandy and Monika, a brunette and a blonde, simply because you can't beat a hot combo like this one, they were making it on the couch with their dildos too!!


The lesbian videos that you find in the members area of Her First Kisses are hot and expecially the videos that you will encounter on the first pages. If you have joined the site with the $39.95 option, then you also received access for their network, which means that you will be able to enjoy a big variety of sites and if you want to see the whole list, then I suggest you to click "Friends".

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