Flash Games for Adults Review

Review: November 4, 2014
Flash Games for Adults

For a decidedly different take on porn, you may want to check out Flash Games for Adults.com. That name describes exactly what you're getting as a member here. This site is a compendium of a bunch of different simple flash games, all with adult and pornographic themes. You'll get the chance to try your hand at being a virtual pimp, a guy trying to score with a virtual Aria Giovanni, and a whole lot of other little mouse and keyboard games.


Overall rating6.8

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If you're into porn, and you're really, seriously into gaming, you may find some fun at FlashGamesForAdults.com. You're going to have to be a hardcore gaming pervert to get in to what's here, but I suppose everyone has something they like.

Here, that's a whole lot of simple, flash based games, animations, quizzes, and the like. There's nothing complicated about it; just what you'd think of when adult flash games come to mind. A typical game here means being put in to a virtual pick-up and seduction game involving an animated girl, ending in some sort of animated cartoon sexual encounter. There's more than just that, and I guess one of the site's strengths is the variety. With over 330 different games, there's going to be a lot to try out.

However, that's probably where the good parts of the site peter out. I can't say the layout and organization of the content is fantastic. It's very busy and I found it a little hard to find my way around easily. I kind of stumbled around a bit and I was never really sure if I was able to find all the games and content available. Some more, and better, sorting tools would help, or perhaps a simpler and less cluttered user interface. There are lots of ads and upselling graphics around the page and it made for a confusing overall look.

As for the games, they're not the most advanced I've ever seen. Many are just mouse-clicking self-competitions and guesswork on what to do next. The quizzes can be simple (actually, the word simple comes to mind with almost all the games/quizzes) and not in a good way. I played with roughly 20 of the games and quizzes. While I found some to be briefly entertaining, I can't say the experience was really stimulating or captivating.

There are some bonuses that add value, but nothing that blew me out of the water.

Amount of content: 332 games and animations
Update frequency: Daily
Exclusive content: Some
Max video resolution: N/A
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: N/A
Available for mobile: No


If you're looking for a change of pace and want some adult-related gaming fun, I suppose Flash Games for Adults might be a distraction of sorts. There's a lot here, and a decent variety. That said, the site's layout is rough, and the games are really basic. With an asking price of 35 bucks a month, I find it a little hard to recommend this place. There is a cheap trial option. If you're really curious, I'd give that a try before buying a whole month.

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