Fetish 3D Review

Review: September 29, 2009, by Bigbrownbeaver
Fetish 3D

This site is for the artist in you. Build your own sexy model to do your bidding in any number of ways. She will be your dream girl to put into any situation that the program can do. Fetish3D.com is a very interesting site but you need to make sure your computer can run it before you try it out. Custom girls, all kinds of shapes and tits and you are the one controlling all of it.


Overall rating7

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Once in the members area you will have access to all the programs you will need to create your own sexy gals, sex scenes, places to fuck and more. Clothing in any color from pastels to day-glo are available to customize. Make yourself a sex slave and handcuff her to a chair, paddle her ass till it is cherry red and she is begging for a fucking; then you get out your cock and give her anus the fuck of a lifetime while she begs for more. There is so much to do you need to make sure you have plenty of time to set up and customize your gal with your imagination!

The detail and high res action here makes whatever scene you want to do perfectly focused. Superb colors available for your artist's imagination. Dildos, lesbos, threeways and more all at your fingertips. Here is a short list of all you can do here on fetish3d.com Like pierced gals? You can do that too; along with threesomes, dildoes, pregnant, and even a sex toy customizer!

I made a few who were really intense and entertaining. The slaves are particularly hot. Imagine your own personal slave, she is built as you like with big tits and a tight ass that you can appreciate because you control every aspect of what she does. Definitely a hot site for you.

Bondage, pregnant, any way you want them. You will definitely be the kid in the candy store. Pose them any way you like, piercing wherever you want, you have total control. And the site is improving with updates all the time. This is the kind of thing you want to have when you have a good block of time to play with it and get your gal customized. Remember to check the computer requirements so you are not disappointed in performance.

Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
Intel Pentium 4 or compatible (AMD, ...)
Clock rate 1 Ghz or better
Min. 100MB free hard disc space
64 MB 3D Graphics accelerator, resolution 1024*768 or higher
OpenGL 1.1 (or higher; 1.5 recommended) or DirectX 8.1 (or higher; 9.0c recommended)
512MB RAM or more
Active internet connection when playing


In conclusion, fetish3d.com will definitely spark your imagination and story skills once you take the site for a run. It will become a favorite site in no time. The programs are updated with new tweaks as soon as they get them working. Considering the way this site is used the prices are average and won't break you. So if you enjoy anime you will definitely enjoy this site and making your own 3d slut!

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