Female Prison Videos Review

Review: February 10, 2010, by ruben
Female Prison Videos

New to the porn scene but looking to grow is FemalePrisonVideos.com. This site is all about what happens down at the police station when wild babes cannot obey the laws of their cities. You never know where drugs or weapons could be hiding so cavity searches are a requirement. These nasty outlaws end up with assholes, mouths and fingers poked, stroked and prodded. A full body investigation must be done to insure the safety of the hot prison guards.


Overall rating6.5

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You know who these girls are. These are the hot bad ass girls that speed by officers and then offer to suck a fat cock to get out of ticket. These are the girls down at the mall that are broke as hell but refuse to live that way so they steal the shit that they need to look good. Every once in a while these nasty little divas will piss off the wrong cop or security officer and get dragged down to the local precinct. Have you ever wondered what happens down at the local jail house after the arrest? Wonder no more. This whole deal gets nasty as fuck and every second is fun to watch.

Female Prison Videos is part of the massive PornGantic network of sites and you will have to scroll down for a minute to locate it when you enter the members area that links directly to 27 PornGantic sites. PornGantic is all about crazy fetishes and Female Prison Videos.com is no exception. This site is brand new and currently only features 19 movies but the quality is solid and crisp and it is poised for growth. I would like to see the guards strip and get oral but sadly, that never happens. I would also like to see some picture sets included in the package. Right now, it is what it is though and if you are into this kind of thing, you should be happy to see it. Stream the high-quality videos or zap them down to your hard drive as. WMV files. The average length is of each video is about 10 minutes.

Count on exclusive content of nasty prison guards armed with big guns and tight uniforms working their action on hot young criminals. These girls fucked around way too much in life and now deserve to be handcuffed and interrogated. They end up with rubber-gloved fingers digging in their tight pink holes. This is some nasty shit but they seem to deserve it and once in a while they seem to actually enjoy it!

Let the colorful multi-page tour wrap you into it and then enjoy the ride as Female Prison Videos and the other PornGantic network sites keep you standing firm and at attention like a young prison whore that just got busted.


This site could really use more content but the point is here is obviously to get you into the PornGantic family of networked sites. If you ever get bored of nasty finger fucking, 27 total sites featuring ass-licking, doctors getting fucked, anal lessons being given and other hardcore nastiness will definitely keep you busy. For now, you can gain access to the network for a reasonable $29.95 per month or less if you buy a certain number of long-term plans.

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