Erotic Dreams 4 You Review

Review: April 9, 2010, by Steve
Erotic Dreams 4 You

Erotic Dreams 4 You is a collection of 4 websites, each of which is a solo girl website featuring a 'dream girl' from the Czech Republic. These ladies are amongst the most beautiful adult models in the world and each of them make their own website into a quality website on its own. But collected together under one roof, this is a website that is four times the quality and four times the beauty.


Overall rating7

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I think the main issue that I had with the navigation on this network was that you had to login to each of the sites individually. There was no shared members' area and so jumping between them was irritating and time consuming. The individual sites here are well presented and well designed though, and didn't give me too many problems on the whole. There wasn't really enough information about the sets of content though with so little information on offer full stop. It would also have been good to have seen some decent information about the models with some semblance of a decent biography.

The video options across the network were pretty good and there were high definition downloads available to play at 1280x720px in .WMV format. In addition, there were also .MOV downloads and .MP4 versions for mobile usage. Photo sizes did not tend to be the same on every gallery, from what I could see, nor were there always .ZIP file downloads available. The highest resolution photos I saw on the network were sized at a massive 5616x3774px, but some galleries do offer you smaller sizes if you are interested.

With a total of 129 photo galleries and 25 videos on board, isn't the biggest group of sites that you will ever see, but that isn't the main problem with this pass. The fact that none of the sites have been updated for well over a year is a much bigger issue here. And what a shame that is as well with these sites dedicated to Verunka (Veronika Fasterova), Nikky Case, Monika Vesela and Ambra (Vanessa Cooper). Four finer specimens of adult model you will struggle to find, but their sites don't have nearly enough on them to do them full justice.

The content and themes on the four sites are much the same - high quality photography with many outdoor shoots coupled with full nudity but no hardcore action at all. It is beautifully shot, admittedly, and makes the respective girls look even more gorgeous than we know they are already. It's all exclusive and, as you would have seen above, presented in high definition. But with no personality or interaction invested in these sites, and no semblance of any information about the content, it's a rather hollow experience.


Erotic Dreams 4 seemed like a rare opportunity to catch several European photography sites at once for a value fee that very few such sites have. But great content and beautiful models are really about all this network has going for it, as the sites have not been updated in some time and there is no personality and personal interaction at all from any of them. If you like European babes, it is certainly worth a month's look - but you won't get any more than than out of it.

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