Cherry Potter Review

Review: October 5, 2005, by Roald
Cherry Potter

So cute, so sweet, so petite…Wait a tick, she is a naughty, naughty girl and damn proud of it. Judging by the name of the site I was expecting some kind of spoof from the popular Harry Potter movies, but I was in for a surprise. I found a sexy 19 year old brunette that knows how to have a good time.


Overall rating7.8

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What I really like about is the diversity. She seems to have fun whether alone with only her fingers to keep her wet or in a pajama party with plenty of tongues to tuck her in. You will certainly appreciate Cherry's good taste in friends. All the girls that join her in the action are gorgeous. Almost makes you want to visit Canada (where she lives) and have Cherry take you in a tour of Prague which is where a few of the videos where shot. Cherry is open to all kind of kinky sexcapades, and you can tell that everyone involved is having a great time.

One downer I must make note of is the diary section which is pretty dry. It lacks the spunk and kinkiness you'd expect from a girl like Cherry, certainly not a page turner. I browsed the live show link and after ten minutes of searching, Cherry was no where to be found so I went for the sure thing, the videos.

After watching the first couple of videos, it was nice to see that each video is different from the others and have their own style. Currently the site offers 9 videos and you can view and download the clips which are offered in high and low speed wmv and mpg formats, ranging from 56 to 700 kbps.

The picture section is loaded with great indoor, outdoor shots of Cherry in roller blades, Cherry masturbating in the park, in bed, in the balcony, in some street…Yeah, she gets around. There are tons of pictures and they have an awesome slideshow option or you can download the sets in zip files.


What more can I say about As a fansite it is a bit dissapointing due to the ammount of content featuring Cherry. But consider the fact that by joining her site you also get access to over 19 bonus sites including 2 Peter North sites. You'll have plenty of content to last you a lifetime.

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