Chazzy Amateurs Review

Review: April 19, 2018, by Neil
Chazzy Amateurs

If you want to experience the raw and untamed power of amateur porn, then you should definitely consider visiting a website like Chazzy Amateurs. This particular porn site offers tons of videos of real amateur babes who simply know how to satisfy their partners sexually until they are both riding on the waves of intense orgasms. With a fair amount of videos and hot honeys featured in them, this site should be checked out by every amateur porn lover.


Overall rating7.5

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Even though it is really evident from the title of Chazzy what this website is all about, one can never be sure what the websites named like this are actually about without visiting them. And, yes, this particular website is all about amateur porn, just like it says in its name. What you will find here are some of the hottest and kinkiest amateur hardcore porn videos which are bound to satisfy your every need, at least when it comes to this genre of porn. Videos are shot in a certain manner so as to create a certain, amateurish atmosphere, while the models act all natural in order to add to the aforementioned atmosphere. Indeed, this is a true amateur porn site if there ever was one.

There are over 140 videos available on this website. Unfortunately, you cannot download them, but you can view them in 1080p resolution. You cannot download those five image galleries either. And, because of that fact, I cannot tell you the exact resolution of the photos available on this website, but they do look hi-res to me. Besides the video clips and photo sets, there are also two videos available on this website for you to purchase.

Now, besides the calendar of updates and the aforementioned store, there is nothing else in the form of extras available on this website, which is a shame. But, thanks (mostly) to the frequency of updates (3 videos are uploaded to this website every week), you really should not need any extras in order to enjoy this site fully. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that the monthly membership will cost you just $9.99 USD if you take the trial first. Plus, as I have already mentioned before, all of the content on here is truly amateur in kind and arousing as hell, which, in turn, means that this website is both worth your time and your well-earned money, especially if you love amateur porn.

Amount of content: 140 videos and 5 image galleries
Update frequency: 3 videos per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Video types: flash
Photo resolution: Unknown
Available for mobile: Yes


As far as amateur porn websites go, ChazzyAmateurs is certainly one that will make many fans of this particular niche completely satisfied. With raw hardcore action shot in a particular manner, as well as all-natural and sexy talent appearing within the videos and image galleries available on here, there is nothing more that one could ask from a website like this one. Indeed, if this site continues producing quality content at this pace, soon enough it will be rubbing shoulders with the heavyweights of the porn industry.

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