Celebs Private Scenes Review

Review: June 5, 2012, by Steve
Celebs Private Scenes

Celebrities these days are getting less and less careful with those photos and videos that they would really rather keep to themselves - and they will probably end up on Celebs Private Scenes as a result! But it's not just their private sex tapes and nude photos on here, but those naughty movie and TV scenes as well as those rude photo shoots that have made it on here as well!


Overall rating6.5

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Because of the way the site is set out, it is very hard to be able to count how many videos and galleries there are here but I would say there are at least a few hundred of each. Updates are made several times a week. Indeed, the navigation is slightly problematic here with a slightly vague category system and absolutely no tagging on any of the videos. Even more of a crime, I felt, was that they do not even bother to tell you the names of the films or TV shows that any of the clips are from. It really should have been a hell of a lot better than this and needs to improve to compare favourably to other sites of this type.

In terms of the videos on this site, streaming is not available and videos are only available to download in one .WMV option each. The resolutions on the videos really does vary quite dramatically depending on the video itself, but some videos played at a high definition 1280x720px. There are no ZIP download options on the image galleries and, again, the sizes of the photos vary significantly as well.

There are so very many celebrity sites around these days and although its title might suggest that it is aimed more or less at leaked videos, CelebsPrivateScenes.com really is pretty much a standard celebrity site. It is hard to distinguish yourself in this particular niche these days as even the very best sites rarely have any new ideas floating around. So this site does strike me as strange in some ways.

It's pretty much as you would expect, albeit with a comparatively small collection to offer up. There are no real obscurities to report here that might rope you in (although I had never seen the Nicole Coco Austin shower scene - probably more to do with my ignorance, though!) and although it isn't a bad collection by all accounts, there just really isn't enough to make this site essential - especially if you are already a celebrity site subscriber. Or if you've missed that same scene!


Celebs Private Scenes.com is a celebrity site that I think by general standards is a pretty good paysite. But compared to some of the occasionally amazing celebrity sites that are available, it really does not offer nearly as much as it needs to. Not a bad starting point if you have never subscribed to such a site, but it doesn't offer as much both in terms of content and navigation as it should do.

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