Cartoon Holiday Review

Review: May 27, 2008, by Gabrio
Cartoon Holiday

It looks like with this website Cartoon they have taken some of the most famous cartoons like the Simpsons, the Warner Bros. cartoons and other famous ones and they have put them into porno action, I have to say that this sounds good for my friday morning, and it's certainly something different than the usual stuff I see here every day, or most likely for everybody, so let's see what they have inside.


Overall rating6.8

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The price of the membership for this website is a bit high to tell you my honest opinion but in the end, if the content is ok, you can even think that it's a good thing, anyway let's check out what is inside the members area now. In order to enter the main page of the site, you have the link which reads MEMBERS ENTRANCE HERE that is located at the very bottom of the page and within a few moments you will be inside. The first page of the protected zone loads within a few moments and I have to say that they have done it in a pretty nice way.... the first page is a bit small but we have all the things we need there.

At the top of the site you have the main menu and each menu option has a nice graphic, starting from the left of the page we have: home, pictures, animations, updates, chat, bonus, faq and search respectively. Then just a few lines below that you have the Latest News a Votins system and then you have a listing of the Last Updates, for each one there is a small graphic available actually, let's see the real content now - at the very bottom of the page you also have a special space for leaving comments eventually.

I clicked one of the photo sets that is available from the main page and in the next page, the first thing I see is that you can eventually rate the set you have chosen and then you have other adventures, with the cartoons with the same niche, more or less. The photos look quite good and they have made these sexy cartoons, quality looks quite good and for each photo you can leave a comment, if you want, too.

They have all the most famous cartoons series here, such as the incredibles, the simpsons and some others but you really have to check them with your eyes as they are quite fun indeed!! I have to say that the set that I have liked the most was the one with the incredibles.


In this website the best thing are of course the cartoon photos but you do not have to forget also the animations which are basically flash presentation with sex stuff going on ;-) - they are in flash format and they were also streaming quite well, you have 5 pages filled with these animations and all the animations open in a new window which is a bit annoying but you can live with that. Eventually you have also a bonus section and a chat.

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