Bubbly Massage Review

Review: May 1, 2009, by Gabrio
Bubbly Massage

You know, everybody needs a nice soft massage and it looks like the girls from Bubbly Massage.com really know how to work out with those hands they have....we have sexy hot famous babes such as Rachel Roxxx on the tour of this website so it looks like it's going to be a good time inside the members area and guess what? I really feel the urge of a nice massage, if it's sexy....even better!


Overall rating7

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The members area of BubblyMassage.com loaded quick and I always like when a website loads fast... at the top of the page you have 4 main tabs that let you browse within a few moments the Most Recent videos, Most Viewed, Top Rated and Most Favorites girls from this website and at the top of the page they have on the spotlight a scene with the hot babe Jayden James, if you like brunettes then you will most likely fall in love with her right away!

For her scene you can either play the video or view the pictures and under that you have the other scenes with the hot girls having fun in the bathroom, and I can see that there are lots of bubbles indeed but also lots of sex. I clicked on another scene featured with the busty porn star Angelina Valentine and when you click the scene you get a page with a nice layout, a preview photo at the top and then you can add it to your favorites, go to the quicklist (that's basically kinda like favorites, but quicker), then you can leave a comment and download the video as well. When I clicked download video, you get a small drop down menu with the download options there: HQ quality, medium quality and portable quality; best quality videos are about 400-450 mb and they have a screen resolution of 576x324 pixels with 16:9 aspect.

I tested the best video download and the clips is in .avi format, which means that you have to fully download it before watching it, so no streaming since it's an .avi. On the same page, but if you scroll down a little bit you have the pictures and I was shocked by how many photos they had in fact for this scene they have 982 photos, which is even too much if you ask me!

After that, I checked out another scene with this hot brunette and it was a little smaller, 250 photos whose screen resolution is 537x800, no .zip download available. Then I clicked on Models and the Bubbly Massage Porn Stars are 20 overall, 10 are female stars and 10 are male stars. Other than that we have a total of 20 picture sets and 10 videos with the hot babes giving sexy massages!


Bubbly Massage is a nice website and I have to say that watching this kind of content, that is hot girls having sex during bubble baths is definitely a new thing and it's looking fun indeed. On the other hand, they don't have that much content available right now and the video clips are not available for streaming but only for download, and nowadays we always want to have the streaming clip, with broadband connection and such, but in the end, if you want to see the sexy massages, you will download.

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