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Review: March 4, 2013, by Steve
Brooke Lima

Brooke Lima is a naughty brunette who welcomes you to a site where you can not only catch her being naughty, but on which you can enjoy many interactive features. Alongside the exclusive videos and photo galleries you will be able to see when you join the site, this is a site that has been created for those of you who love interactive games with your model of choice - and you will get sexy rewards for winning!


Overall rating7

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This is quite a well presented site in most ways. There is lots of information about Brooke herself even if the descriptions of her content were not quite so great. Update information is slightly vague and updates do tend to be infrequent at times depending on how much time she has had to do them. The site is designed really well, however, and it was certainly helpful that it was presented in much the same way as the free tour. Not bad, in other words, but I think the tour should emphasise more that this a site that is more about games and strip poker than it is about the usual photo and video content.

If you are looking for videos of Brooke Lima there aren't a whole lot at first but by playing her interactive games such as strip poker you get to see video scenes when you beat the games with a perfect score. The galleries do not come with any ZIP download options and there are no other size options to choose from but same as with the videos, play the games and you'll get access to more photo content. You can even email Brooke with costume ideas you want to see in her strip games.

Although the actual packaging of the content here did not exactly fill me with praising thoughts, is a site that should really appeal to those of you who are looking for a gentle new softcore solo site with a very attractive girl that can give you a fair variety of very nice sets. There is nothing at all sexual here but she is certainly very sexy and no mistake.

Clearly, though, this is a site that has a different aim than most and that it is to get you playing games with Brooke. In doing so, you can unlock extra galleries and photos, making them actually mean something rather than just feel like a tacked-on extra. I don't imagine that this will appeal to everyone, but it's certainly a different approach to a solo site and originality is always good.

Amount of content: 6 videos and 28 photo sets, more can be unlocked by playing games
Update frequency: Weekly (according to site)
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720x480
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: 700x1000
Available for mobile: No


There is probably room for improvement from Brooke especially when it came to the videos. I think that she really does need to focus on these rather more in the coming months as I think they would add a lot of value to a site that could probably do with it at the moment. They would certainly back up the gaming side of the site nicely and provide a pleasing alternative.

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