Brick Yates Review

Review: August 26, 2013
Brick Yates

Brick is apparently an independent porn hound living in San Diego, and he somehow manages to find scads of babes who need a little money. His solution? Make a porno with Brick! This hardcore site is a collection of content featuring all sorts of women from the San Diego area; a firefighter, a nurse, even a chick in the Marines! He then gets them on video doing all kinds of nasty, fun things.


Overall rating7

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Up for review in the Freeones queue is, a fairly simple and new site from the eponymously titled Brick Yates. Brick is apparently a college student living in the San Diego area who recently decided to have a go at the online porn world.

His site is fairly standard as far as pro-am content is concerned. His particular bent on it is that he uses talent mostly from in and around the San Diego area, and he tries to find women who are "real." By real, I mean non-pros, and girls who have real jobs, etc. You'll find women from many walks of life here. There's a loan officer, a theater manager, and even a few high school girls (or so is claimed; and yes, they're legal).

I'd call the talent mixed. It goes up and down the spectrum. One of the supposed high school girls is simply out of this world (her name on the site is Nicole, and man, is she scorching hot). On the other end of that spectrum, there are a few chicks that I'm not so sure about.

The action is also mixed. It's easy to believe that these women really do come from all walks of life, and are not professionals, simply because the action is all over the place. It can be good, but it can be a little bland as well.

Navigation is fairly simply, but mostly because there's not a lot of content right now. The site is pretty simply organized, which I like. It makes it easy to figure out how to get around. However, once the content base builds, they'll probably want to add some more sorting tools.

The technical aspects of the site are also mixed. Content is available with multiple viewing options (including mobile), and resolution maxes out nicely at 1080p on both video and photos. However, the streams were slow to come in and that made it hard to fast forward (actually, just about impossible until the stream fully loaded, which took a while).

Amount of content: 22 videos/417 Photos
Update frequency: Once every week
Exclusive content: 100%
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: wmv, mp4
Photo resolution: 1024, 1280, and 1600
Available for mobile: Yes


For a pro-am site, is not off to a bad start. I like the idea of some guy getting girls to do porn in exchange for a wad of cash. When it's good, it's pretty good. However, there's not a lot here yet. Updates do look like they come pretty frequently, however, so the content base should build quickly. When it does, some stronger sorting tools will be nice. If Brick can get more girls like Nicole, this place will be a winner.

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