Bea 4 You Review

Review: November 9, 2007, by Gabrio
Bea 4 You

Bea 4 is the official site of a little chubby brunette whose name is Bea (hard to guess huh?) and she loves going naked by the camera, that's really easy to spot when you are watching the tour of her site! And I am pretty sure that you are dieing for getting to know all the details that are hidden inside the members area of the site! Now if you want to know about all the fun, keep on reading below ;-)


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I have decided to start with the reviews with this teen site today and this one is featured by a cute little pie named Bea...when you click the link for her members area, you will get the usual password prompt within a few moments and then you will be inside within a very short while, of course after writing down your username and password! The first thing you see in the page when you enter the main page is the list of the photo galleries that are available, and you have a total of 6 pages as far as I can see from the top of the page.

In each page there are 21 different sets which makes around 120 sets if my math is correct so that's really a good number - the other websites of the network did not have as many sets actually - and I can see that Bea loves to dress with clothes and tease the camera a lot. The thumbnail pages have a pretty regular layout and the thumbnails are large as well, that is always a nice thing if you ask me.

I tried checking out some full sized photos but for some reason they were taking ages and at this point I can't say whether it was my connection or the website, I think it was their server having some issues. When you watch the main page of Bea's members area you will not find anything else other than Photos but if you don't rush it too much, you will notice that on the bottom of the page you have also a link for the Videos and for Story.

I was curious to know some more about Bea therefore I clicked Story and that link popped up a window where you can read everything about this girl, she's from Austria and originally comes from Austria....make sure you read it for knowing all about her! Off to the videos now, the page is pretty long and when it comes to Bea's videos, you only have 5 clips that are at the top of the page while all the others you find in the page are for her other Girl Friends, you have some sexy teens there that love having fun as far as I can see.


The collection of photo galleries looks pretty big here on and that's really a nice thing, she really loves posing by the camera and trying lots of clothes - read her Story and find more about that hehe - too bad that when it comes about videos, you have only 5 clips with Bea but then you have all the other goodies with the other sexy teens that will cheer you up for sure. Keep in mind the other Bonus Sites.

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