Banged Babysitters Review

Review: April 16, 2009, by Gabrio
Banged Babysitters

Let's face it, everybody at least once had a crazy fantasy for having sex with a babysitter, it's in our imagination, like the nurse idea, you know the on you will see horny babysitters that are getting fucked to the max, this way you will finally fulfill your secret desires! These girls seem to be really innocent but you can stay sure that they are not THAT innocent after all!!


Overall rating7.5

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So you wanna know everything about these hot babysitters, right folks? Well all I can say is that you are in the right place, and when you login to the members area of the website you find a main page that is rather large, main background is all black. At the top of the page you have the menu as usual where you find the main links that are present here; in case you are wondering where you can find the wild babysitters, then you have to click on Featured Series from the top.

Other than the main content you are going to find also the stats of the network and then the most popular scenes they have and finally also the most popular DVDs they have from their store. By checking out the links they have on their store I found babysitter titles which is what you are looking for right? Anyway I headed back to the top of the page and clicked on Featured Series and in the next page that opened we have 6 main scenes and then at the top of the page we have 17 links for the other pages where you find more content.

For each scene you have the option "play scene" or "view DVD" and after clicking the first one you will have in front of you the streaming video that automatically starts playing withing a short while, in the video you can see eye candy action and that stuff. For the same scene I clicked the DVD option and now I was taken to another page, basically from their store where you have the links for the DVDs with the babysitters and for these the quality is much higher. I checked out a few videos they have there, started to play quick and you can download the high definition DivX which has a quality of 2048 kbs or if you prefer there is a 1024 kbs version in .wmv format or also the videos for portable formats which are so popular nowadays.

For each video set you have also the matching photo gallery with the sexy babysitters and they look quite good even if I don't really love the viewer they have and the .zip download option is not present.


Overall we can say that in the members area of Banged we find a big selection of content, if we consider also the network websites and when it comes about the main contents, we have some sexy babysitters that are having sex so if this is your biggest fantasy then you will be pretty happy about it. The quality of the material looks average in my opinion however it's easy moving around.

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