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Review: March 28, 2007, by Gabrio
Anime Illustrated

Who said that cartoons can't be fun? I don't really know but what I do know is that Anime is a fun site filled with hardcore cartoons and that kind of material, which differs a bit from the usual hardcore stuff if you ask me! From a quick look at the tour it looks like they have different categories and a decent selection of content but let's see what they have inside as usual!


Overall rating6.8

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After checking the prices this website charges you, I think that you need to be a bit careful since if you go for the trial membership, it recurs at a pretty high price which is $39.95 and that's very high if you ask me. Anyway, my username and password made me enter the site pretty quickly, the main page is pretty compact and here's what we have there: at the left of the screen you can browse all the movie categories and together with the cartoons (that are the main niche), you also have the usual popular niches such as amateur, anal, asian and so forth....

At the center of the main page, at the top, there are these links: Anime Illustrated, Videos, Pictures and Bonus Sites whilst a the center of the page there are the main cartoon scenes as far as I can see, at the right instead there are the Top Rated Cartoon Scenes and Top Rated Cartoon DVDs as well, in total they have 659 DVDs for a total of 3185 scenes which is a good number if you ask me!

Anyway, time for checking out the content now....I clicked one of the scenes which you find on the main page and within a few secs I had a new page opening in front of me and you can decide whether you want to watch the movies in streaming or eventually you can download them on your hard disk and also choose the quality between low, med and high. I have chosen the high quality streaming option and right after doing my choice, within a few moments I had in front of me a new window with a streaming video on it. Quality looks good overall and from the first frames, I can say that the quality of the cartoons is fine and the action starts pretty quick as well.

In the end, I suggest you to click Videos from the top of the page because that link takes you to the full list of cartoons that are available in the members area of this site but for some reason there are just 11 scenes, hmmm not sure why exactly anyway.


I gotta be honest, I was thinking to find way more scenes in the members area of Anime instead you only have 11 scenes, and I also double checked to be sure about that. Download speed was around 200 k/sec which is average if you ask me. As a bottom line we can say that you can always entertain yourself with the bonus niches that are included with this membership but keep in mind that the actual cartoons content is not that much.

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