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Review: October 29, 2010
Angelie is the official paysite of hottie model Angelie Almendare. This cute model has had tons of exposure over the years and you might just recognize her from everything from beer posters, popular magazines like Playboy and Low Rider, lingerie catalogs, and even TV and movie appearances. This site will feature plenty of her pictures as well as videos for the members who want to get a more personal look at this model.


Overall rating5.5

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Pricing is a very personal site. Angelie Almendare is a pretty model who has been in lots of publications as well as television and even the big screen. Chances are, at one point, you just may have seen her pretty mug on something at one time or another. Thanks to this site, you can now put a name to the very pretty face that you've seen for so long.

Playboy, Golf Digest, and Bikini Illustrated have featured her in their choice publications and she has even been on television shows like Rosanne, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Married With Children, and many more. Or perhaps you have seen her on such films like Barb Wire, Spawn, Space Jam, Armageddon and several others. Of course, with a body like hers, she has also appeared in lingerie catalogs as well.

Refresh your memory by checking out her little free tour. You can see her pic of the day or sample other teaser images as well. You can also spoil her with gifts or purchase stuff from her auctions as well without joining up if you have the extra cash sitting around or just brush up on her bio and learn about this sexy model.

The site design is very simple and basic which has its own unique charm. It may have well been built by Angeline herself by the looks of things which is really cute. Members will get access to several things on her site.

Pictures vary in resolutions from the more common small 665x900 to an occasional much nicer looking 1068x1600. Images come in picture galleries oh which there are around 165 or so with an average of 18-20 pictures per set. Images vary in quality but overall, its not too impressive though there are some wonderful candids and behind the scenes stuff.

Videos are downloadable in either mpeg or mov format coming in in either 320x240 or 960x540 respectively with a bitrate that maxes out at 4000kb/sec at its best. Like the photos, most of the content is usually sexy bikini posing and teasing with no real nudes although if you look hard enough you'll get a glimpse at a few nipple shots. There is also supposed to be liveshows but, as of yet, I haven't seen them do one yet.

Conclusion is a very basic site. Fans of the babes of the 90's will appreciate this cutie for sure. She looks great in her skimpy bikinis and even incorporates lots of foot fetish material. The images vary in quality but the videos look good generally. The last update was a couple of months ago and I'm not sure when they will update it again. The biggest plus to this site is if you're a fan of her, you're really going to love all the intimate details like her candid material, random thoughts, jokes, and more.

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