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Review: April 3, 2007, by Gabrio
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Anal Intensity is a site filled with hot anal sex action as you can see from the main page of the tour...the design of the site looks good and these girls are really enjoying what they are doing, that is the impression I have from the main page at least so well all you need to do now is to keep on reading the full review you find below for the full comment and review.


Overall rating7

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After you put your username and password, together with the verification code, the main page of Anal will appear right in front of you so let's see what we have the top of the page there are several tags which are: Home, Latest Updates, Featured Series, Videos, Pictures, Model Index, Live Girls, Bonus Sites and My the left of the screen instead there are the Quick Links and you basically have the same links there....instead at the center of the page you have again the main links just that this time they also have a full comment which tells you about each section going into more detail.

At the right of the page you have the Site Statistics and together with that there are the Most Popular Scenes as have a few screen shots there and then you will find the Most Popular DVDs and at the very bottom of the page you have the footer with the main links again and that's about it when it comes to the main page. If you are looking for the main anal sex videos (since you came here for that reason, right?) then you need to get back at the top and click Anal Intensity ยป FEATURED SERIES and you will be taken there.

The links opens a new page within a few moments and you will notice right away the links for browsing the different pages, in each episode you have several actors acting and eventually you can also submit your own description for each scene they have in the members area, that's really nice! For each set you can watch the video clips, or check out the photos and eventually add it to your favorites.

All the scenes are anal otherwise they should not be listed here, right? And all you need to do is to pick your favorite one (you will see which one you like by checking out the screen shots) and then select how you want to watch the videos, either in streaming or downloading as you prefer. Make sure to choose the quality that suits best your connection and then just wait a few secs for all the butt fucking action!


You got it! Anal sex I mean, which is the main content of this site, like they are advertising on the tour, there are many sections in the site and once you get used to the members area, it will be pretty easy to find what you are looking for. I have reviewed almost all sites from this sponsors and I can tell you that their sites have nice content and there are many niches available in the picture pages so make sure to check them out.

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