Anal Fix Review

Review: July 31, 2008, by Gabrio
Anal Fix

There is not much to say about Anal since that is a site which features girls that are doing it from the backdoor, I know guys, lots of girls don't want it there but what can you do about it? At least if your girl friend doesn't want it, you can be happy with what you see with this website, better than nothing huh?? Take the free trailers and see you for the full review below.


Overall rating6.8

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With the review that you are about to find here for you are going to know all the details about this a matter of a short while you will be taken to the members area's main page where you have all the goodies, the main page is rather small, and its main theme is purple/pink - at the top just under the header you have the following links: Home, Pictures, Videos, Favorites, Live Cams, Personals, Adult Store, Stories, Phone Sex and Bonus - then you have a quick welcome message and then you will see that they present you the main scenes they have.

At the left of the page you have the main categories that are Videos and Photos and for both of them you have "anal" and "hardcore" and then still at the left of the screen you have DVD pack and at the center of the page, in the body basically, you have Today's Newest Updates and New Updates and Popular Links. I clicked the first link from todays update and I was taken to the page (new window) where you have the video content and you have one screen shot for the video in question and then you find all the other download links for the clips that they have, and I noticed that they are in .avi format with an average size of 55-60 mb per file.

The fact that the video clips are in .avi format means that you can't watch them in streaming in fact you will have to fully download them onto your hard drive first. Eventually as a side thing you can rate each clip / gallery by using the box that you see in the lower part of the page.

Download speed was overall pretty good and I had around 400-420 k/sec for the videos - as for the photos instead, you have 8 anal sex sets and the galleries load in a new page - I don't like that - then you have a good amount of photos for each gallery though no .zip sets like I said above.


AnalFix is a pretty simple site overall and I think that they should really add some more content in fact the amount of anal sex videos they have is not enough plus the videos are not available for streaming so that is a bit annoying also because you do not have any preview screen shots (except for one) for every video so it's hard to decide whether the video is worthy or not by yourself, I think.

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