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Review: July 26, 2009, by Gabrio
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Amys Girlfriends

Amys Girlfriends is a 18 years old girl from UK and inside her site you will find her exclusive photos together with her girlfriends and by what i can read on the tour, she is very excited about it all! I guess that it's a good thing to be a friend of hers and then appear on the site so that you can see what's going on...Want to know more about the members area? Read below!


Overall rating6.5

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Let's take a look at Amys now! So we are not only going to find her hot photos and videos but also her friends'! The link for the members entrance is located in the upper right corner of the page and once you put your logins there it will take you inside within just a few moments. The first page it's really simple in fact there's a quick welcome message and then 3 links: Pictures, Videos and Forum and nothing else.

I clicked on Pictures and you have a list of her photo galleries, ranging from lingerie, stockings and with other cool outfits... there is just one page with photo galleries and they are 10 and to tell you the truth, I was thinking to find more stuff and some of her friends as well otherwise it just doesn't make any sense since the site is called amysgirlfriends!

The photo galleries open in what we call a CMS (content management system) and thumbnails are rather small, you can easily click the thumbs and you are going to see medium sized images, then if you want the full sized ones you will have to click again on the pic that just opened, that is not very intuitive from what I can say, those bigger photos have a screen resolution of 1000x1500 pixels and at the bottom of each image gallery you have the other small thumbnails that let you browse the other pics from the gallery.

We don't have the .zip download option for the photo galleries and then I moved onto the videos area....there are just 2 clips here, one is "taking a shower" and the other is "Amy playtime". The first is 11 mb in size and the other one is 27.9, they are in .wmv format (only option available) and download speed was about 300 k/sec. In terms of screen resolutions the videos look and they have a resolution of 640x480 pixels @ 2000 kbs. Since there wasn't anything else to do here I checked out her Forum and in that section you are going to find a forum where you can interact with her and the other girls from their network, make sure to use the same login for entering the forums page.


Summing up I was pretty disappointed when it comes to the contents of AmysGirlfriends since in first place there are no girlfriends linked from the site, so if you have the links you can view the other sites but they should have put some links from inside in my opinion. There are actually just 2 videos and 10 photo galleries and you would of course want to see some more stuff. In one of the 2 videos that are now available you can see that she loves to touch herself and let you watch it all....

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