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Review: January 27, 2010, by Steve
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Alyssa Roxi

Alyssa Roxi is the girl next door who loves to get naked! This sweet blonde is appearing on her first ever website, and although she was a little bit nervous when she first started out, she quickly started to peel off those clothes and her nerves disappeared. All of the content on this site is shot exclusively so for it, and you even get 11 other sites belonging to similarly naughty girls if you buy a membership!


Overall rating5.8

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There are currently 66 photo galleries on AlyssaRoxi, but disappointingly there were only 4 videos here. Additionally, the site had not updated for over 2 months at the time of this review. These disappointments aside, the site was really well presented and designed on the whole. There was, perhaps, a lack of interactivity on the site (which will only increase with lack of updates!) but all of the content was dated and all of the bonus content was quite well organised as well. The descriptions of the videos and galleries were practically non-existent though and I think that there was a general lack of information about content here and on this network, for that matter.

Although there were no .ZIP gallery downloads for the photo sets, there was at least a slideshow option as well as the choice between medium and high quality photos. These were sized at 900x600px and 1200x800px respectively. Videos were available for downloading in .WMV (low and high quality) and .MP4 formats, but there was no specific streaming option here. The best quality videos seemed to play at 640x480px.

The fact that there hadn't been any new videos added to for almost 2 years would suggest it has actually been a while since she had actually shot any new content for her site. It just so happens that they may only just have run out of photo galleries to add to the site. Lots of solo girl sites have a limited shelf life in terms of how long the models stick around for, so it would be tough to criticise her for this.

To be fair, the tiny amount of videos doesn't turn out to be all that much of a problem anyway - they are incredibly short with one video only being 29 seconds long! That hardly qualifies as a trailer! So sticking to the photo galleries, the collection is an entirely softcore one with her keen on getting topless but not often keen on getting completely naked though. There is something of a lack of ideas here with some galleries quite often mirroring the ideas of several others at the same time.


Alyssa is probably best regarded as a way of getting access to a network of 12 solo girl sites rather than just taking it as a deal to see this particular model. She is very sexy, no doubting that, but the halting of updates is somewhat worrying and there have ben no videos in a much longer period of time. Some nice photo galleries, but maybe a bit softcore for many tastes.

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