8Teen Kitties Review

Review: December 23, 2008, by Gabrio
8Teen Kitties

Yet another hardcore teen site on the box, I have really lost the count of how many teen websites I have reviewed within all the years...8TeenKitties.com shows you never before seen girls and they love to get into wild sex as you can see! take the free trailer videos that you have on the tour, it seems that they have lots girls and let's see if they are really that naughty, keep on reading below!


Overall rating7

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By taking an overall look at 8TeenKitties you will find a big amount of teen content in fact at the top of the page you have a frame that shows you which are the latest updates that they have done to the website recently, then you find more teen specials and then you have the list of the girls that are available, and I am speaking about the main models now - there is also an A-Z listing that is above the big thumbnails and after checking that out, in some of the letters you have girls, whilst in some others, they did not add any girl, at least for now.

Then if you scroll down some more you are going to find more Free Content, extra sets and Bonus Sites that are included with this membership and finally at the very bottom of the page you find the top rated pictures and the top rated sets that they have. I clicked one of the top rated pictures from their toplist and you are actually going to be taken to the very photo, you are not taken to the gallery page for instance.

Back at the top, I clicked one of the images with the main teen models that you have approximately at the center of the page and you are going to be taken to the personal page of the teen gal you chosen. At the top of the page there is a description of the girl and what she is doing and then you have the images that connect you to her content, there are videos and pictures there. When you click the videos, you are going to find yet another page with the thumbnails that are very small which give you an idea of what's going on, this girl was really in love with her dildo.

The videos are in .wmv format and the download speed was quite slow in fact I only had about 150-160 k/sec that is not too quick if you ask me. As for the photos they look quite good and there is also the .zip download option, located at the bottom of the page, I only did not like the fact that they were opening in a new window all the time.


Overall the content that you are going to find in the members area of 8Teen Kitties.com looks good although looks pretty similar to the million of other teen sites that are around the net, since it's always teens of course. The layout of the website is pretty simple and I would also appreciate some more girls but the site is quite new so we need to have a bit of patience I guess.

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